Principles of making an amulet for money

The best protection against negative energy is a self-made amulet for money. Unlike acquired, it has more pronounced protective properties and energy effect. But, before proceeding with the manufacture, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the relevant rules and features of creating a good luck talisman.

There are also certain methods of magical conspiracy to give additional qualities to an object that is relied upon at the most crucial moments in life.

Features of making amulets

coin amulet to attract money

Handmade amulets for good luck have a more effective protective function, unlike acquired medallions. Such energy guards can be made not only for yourself, but also for your family and friends. But taking them from the wrong hands, you must be extremely careful and careful.

Since the gifted item can have an unexpected effect, because it does not match your aura. An exception is a do-it-yourself money talisman for good luck. They are made individually. It is for this reason that they are never accepted from strangers.

Before you start the process of making an amulet for money with your own hands, you should familiarize yourself with the relevant rules, and also clearly understand what exactly you expect from this item.

First of all, this object should suit your perception, be attractive and not at odds with ideas about aesthetics. Before you make an amulet for good luck, you need to decide what exactly the action will be aimed at. It can be a talisman of happiness and good luck, health and family well-being, money and love talismans.

Important! Pay close attention to all the attributes that are applied to the item, especially if some symbols are not familiar to you.

Self-made mascots

Amulets to attract money and good luck can be made at home, but the cache for storing them should be inaccessible to prying eyes. Such talismans are made on the growing moon and stored in a bag, on the desktop and other places that are not visible to other people.

But before proceeding with the manufacture, it is necessary to take care of the container in which the money medallion will be stored. As a rule, for storage it is necessary to purchase a small piece of fabric made from natural material.

Cotton, linen, burlap, leather and silk fabric are perfect, while taking into account the color of the fabric, since for esotericism the color scheme is of great importance. Red shades are perfect for love and money magic, and green, gold and yellow colors are for storing medallions to attract health and family well-being.

In the amulet bag, you can store some types of charmed herbs and aromatic oils, which, as you know, not only have a therapeutic effect, but also do an excellent job with magical duties.

Talisman for money

Talismans of good luck and wealth can be as diverse as the fantasy of their manufacturer. But when I start work, it is necessary to follow the basic rules and recommendations, this is how it will turn out to make an effective amulet for good luck in business and business. In order to make an amulet for money with your own hands, you need to take a coin and keep it for a day in a mixture of aromatic oils that help attract cash flows.

It can be oil of eucalyptus, pine and sandalwood. It is important that they not only attract money, but also scare away dark forces from their owner. Then in the morning you need to put a coin in a pre-prepared bag and say a conspiracy to attract wealth:

"I speak an amulet for money, I attract all the wealth of the world to myself. This money is for health, happiness and good luck. Till the end of time. Amen. "

Next, you need a bag in your hands and soak it with your energy, imagining how the days fill your life, how you will spend them, buy things for yourself and your loved ones. The brighter the visualization, the faster and better the talisman for good luck and money will work. Some time later, you can update the ritual for a money amulet by doing it again.

Money talisman box

When wondering which talismans bring good luck and work to attract fortune and material gain, one involuntarily recalls the method of our ancestors, who kept banknotes on a tablecloth on the table and replenished this impromptu bank with new receipts every month. The following ritual is built on accumulative energy, and it is carried out in a certain sequence.

On the growing moon, you need to take a small box, a box, and a wallet is perfect for this purpose. Next, in this item you need to put the largest bill that you have at home, and put it in a place inaccessible to prying eyes. Every month, on the same day, you need to put a coin or a paper bill in the box. Thus, an energy program is launched to attract good luck and money.

If you unquestioningly follow the recommendations of this rite, then for some time you will notice a significant improvement in your financial condition, which will fall into your life like a snowfield. This is realistic, provided that you believe in the power of the magical rite and make every effort to make your dream come true.

ritual for good luck

Before you make a talisman for good luck, you need to clearly define the ritual. Any type of magical action must match your mentality, otherwise it will not fully fulfill its functions and may attract failure or the opposite action. In order to make an attractive money amulet, you need an ordinary ring or ring. The ceremony is performed on the growing moon with the window open, so that the light from the night sun illuminates the room.

Before carrying out the ritual for a money talisman, it is necessary to clean the jewelry by putting it in a container with salt or running water for a while. Moreover, such a procedure amulet for money must be carried out constantly in order to get rid of unwanted energy. Next, you need to put the ring on the finger on which it will subsequently be worn and look at the growing moon. Then a conspiracy to attract fortune is read:

"By the light of the moon I attract all the blessings of the world to this ring, I speak of attracting light for money and fortune, let it serve faithfully to its owner and all his family until the end of time. My word is true, my word is like a stone. Amen. "

Rules for wearing amulets

Any amulet for good luck with its own has a certain action and energy, but besides this, there are certain rules for wearing amulets, upon execution of which you can extend the validity of your assistant:

  • There are amulets that are not intended for prying eyes and are worn directly to the body. These include underwear church crosses, amulets and other church paraphernalia. These amulets help in family life, protect from evil forces, are assistants in school and at work. All church paraphernalia is the universal protection of every Orthodox and deeply believing person.
  • Items that are not related to religion must also be carefully hidden from the eyes of random people. For the reason that they can lose their magical power and impact. Such representatives include Slavic and Scandinavian runes, as well as symbols of Druid magic, including plants, flowers and leaves.
  • It is customary to wear medallions made by yourself in specially sewn bags made of natural materials. In this case, natural materials are suitable: silk, burlap, linen or leather. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the color scheme of the fabric, it directly affects the strength of the amulet. Gold and red colors are perfect for love amulets, and green and blue for protection from magical influence.
  • It should be borne in mind that jewelry on which a magical rite was performed must be periodically subjected to energy cleansing, since they are sorbents of negative information.
  • Properly selected earrings with precious stones and hair clips contribute to the normalization of balance and intellectual development.
  • Jewelry on the hand can bring harmony to the inner world, and also contribute to strengthening the financial situation and career advancement.
  • Wearing rings on the index finger promotes career growth and career advancement.
  • Rings and rings on the middle finger promote good luck and attract cash flows.
  • Jewelry on the nameless - contribute to the normalization of internal balance and help to find your soul mate.
  • A ring on the little finger will help you find your place in life, contribute to good studies, increase the thirst for knowledge and bring adventure to life.
  • Rings on the thumb are worn, as a rule, by practical magicians. This is due to the location of the Mount of the Moon at the base of the thumb, which is responsible for the inner voice and sensitivity.

An amulet for good luck and money works only if you believe in its power unquestioningly, and also make every possible effort to make your dream come true. A self-made amulet is a great helper for attracting cash flows and normalizing harmony in life. But if you are not capable of performing magical rituals, you should contact an experienced specialist who will do it at a professional level and perform the necessary ceremony.